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Makowski Legal specializes in protecting your second amendment rights. We are proud to provide highly skilled, qualified and aggressive legal representation to people who may be facing criminal charges all across Michigan. We are not afraid of traveling to ensure your rights are protected and you are properly represented.

It’s not uncommon to find that many of the people we defend in our practice have never been arrested before and have clear criminal records. You can count on our attorneys to explain the charges against you in very simple terms, inform you of all of your available options and to make sure you are well prepared for any legal process ahead of you. When represented by Makowski Legal, you can count having the expertise in your corner, and to level the field to make it a fair fight.

Simply put, you can count on Makowski Legal.

Jim Makowski's Bio

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Jim Makowski, 48, graduated from the University of Michigan - Dearborn in 1995 with an A.B. in Political Science. Jim continues his education at the University of Detroit - Mercy Law and graduated with a J.D. in 1999.

In the past, Mr. Makowski practiced as a real estate litigator with some of the largest real estate law firms in the country. He initially practiced criminal law under one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Michigan. Mr. Makowski opened his own office performing criminal defense and civil litigation. Eventually, Mr. Makowski left his previously created firm and returned to private practice, concentrating on criminal law, real estate law, and general civil litigation.

A typical client of Mr. Makowski has had minimal or no prior contact with the Courts, and is an adult or juvenile facing the most serious situation he or she has ever encountered. Mr. Makowski prides himself on giving each one his clients personal attention, and limits his caseload to meet this goal. If a conviction to some of the charges is inevitable, Mr. Makowski presents creative sentencing proposals to the Court which emphasizes treatment, not incarceration.

Mr. Makowski's typical caseload includes allegations of vehicular homicide / assault; corporate embezzlement; forgery & fraud; DUI/OVI; domestic violence; felony assault; drug trafficking, drug possession, marijuana cultivation and illicit drug manufacturing; bank, regulatory agency or government fraud; sex abuse allegations; computer crimes including importuning, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, and possession of illegal media; all juvenile crime; and, any other type of crime in Michigan in which Mr. Makowski likes the client and wants to represent him or her. In addition, Mr. Makowski continues to practice real estate litigation, on behalf of both lenders and debtors as well as general civil litigation.

Mr. Makowski is frequently a guest on various media outlets regarding legal issues realting to firearms.

Mr. Makowski serves Corporation Counsel for Michigan Gun Owners Inc., as well as a legal advisor to Michigan Open Carry, Inc.